In a day when church splits are common, it’s refreshing when two established churches come together and join as one. Nora Christian Community was born on April 24, 2016 when Nora Christian Fellowship and Hamilton Community Church (HCC) came together. The process started a year earlier when HCC was looking for a new place to meet. They made several inquiries and the Lord sovereignly led them to Nora Christian Fellowship. After several joint leader meetings to talk and pray together, in July 2015, both churches agreed to simply start meeting together on Sunday mornings. In this process both discovered most of their practices and beliefs were very similar. Eight months later in April 2016, Nora Christian Community was born.

We’re a new multi-generational church with solid foundations. Through many changes the original Nora Christian Fellowship faithfully brought people together in Christ for well over 50 years. Every Nation Church planted the HCC church in 2010 [please confirm] and it grew and changed locations several times until its merger with Nora Christian Fellowship.

Community is part of our name because we believe that it is the community of believers in Jesus Christ that changes the world. We are part of the larger body of Christ in Nora and in the greater Indianapolis area. We seek to build families and the family of God by prayer, proclamation and living out the gospel of Jesus every day. We believe that we, as a community of people, bring the living presence of Christ by loving, healing, giving and serving the world.

We hope you find your place in the body of Christ and it would be our joy if you joined with us.